Cryptografx 2FA Password Protector creates a "human intelligence barrier" that protects your identity from malware programs by eliminating access to your account via stolen passwords.

Your chosen passcode icons are part of a unique keypad arrangement for each user. Passcode images can't be distinguished by computers because a different set of images with different shapes is presented and organized randomly each time users log in.

= =

To a human user, each of the above images represents "fish."

But to a computer, they are simply different images. Even if scanned with image recognition software, actual intelligence is required to know which images represent the same icon.

On the back end, Cryptografx authentication is protected by Biogy's patented True IdentityTM technology, which integrates nondeterministic quantum-random OTP (one-time-passcode) authentication. When users select the correct images, the invisible passcode is sent to authenticate the user.


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